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New stamps

Release date, location updates

Upcoming stamp releases include, clockwise from left, Sunflower Bouquet, African Daisy, Title IX, Tulips and Eugenie Clark.

The Postal Service has announced the release dates for 12 stamps, along with the cities where they’ll be dedicated:

• Title IX, March 3, Washington, DC

• Mountain Flora, March 14, Alpine, WY

• African Daisy (Global), March 14, Kansas City, MO

• Sunflower Bouquet (2 ounce), March 24, Lawrence, KS

• Tulips, March 24, Mount Vernon, WA

• Flags on Barns, April 14, Halifax, PA

• George Morrison, April 29, Grand Portage, MN

• Eugenie Clark, May 4, Sarasota, FL

• Women’s Rowing, May 13, Philadelphia

• Mighty Mississippi, May 23, Memphis, TN

• Floral Geometry, June 20, Kansas City, MO

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some releases may have a virtual dedication ceremony or none at all. Dates are subject to change.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.