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Team spirit

363 work sites qualify as ‘certified engaged’

Certified engaged teams will receive their special seals this week.

Three hundred sixty-three USPS workplaces have qualified for the title of “certified engaged team” — a special status extended to groups that create positive, supportive environments.

The recognition is based on responses to the Postal Pulse employee survey, and the celebrated teams represent every function within USPS: large and small delivery units, retail operations, plants and many support and administrative teams.

The teams will receive special seals this week that they can display in their workplaces.

“It is not their mission or composition that makes them unique,” Jeryl Wilson, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion director, said of the honored work sites. “It is how they have taken the 12 elements of engagement and applied them locally to engage, equip and empower their teams to create a thriving and successful work environment.”

The Postal Pulse survey questions center around the 12 elements of engagement; responders are asked to assess their level of engagement on each question on a scale of 1 to 5.

To receive certified engaged status, teams must have at least a 75 percent survey response rate and a “grand mean” of 4.42 or higher. The grand mean refers to the average score of the survey answers.

In addition to being considered best in class within the Postal Service, these teams also rank among the top teams measured by Gallup, the international research organization that conducts the Postal Pulse survey.

For more information on Postal Pulse, certified engaged status and on how they play a part in Delivering for America, the Postal Service’s 10-year plan, go to the Employee Engagement Blue page, or email