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A positive Postal Pulse

Survey shows improved engagement

This year’s Postal Pulse employee survey took place from May 11-June 11.

The latest Postal Pulse results show a positive trend.

The annual survey allows USPS employees to share feedback about their work environments, measuring their engagement on various topics using a scale of 1 to 5.

This year, the grand mean score — the average score on the survey’s first 12 questions — rose to 3.36, up from last year’s score of 3.29.  This shows the Postal Service has made significant progress in overall engagement.

“Our organization’s greatest asset is people” said Doug A. Tulino, deputy postmaster general and chief human resources officer.  “Employee engagement must continue as a core philosophy and priority.”

Engagement shows how committed employees are to their organization, their role, their manager and their co-workers.

The Postal Service has made engagement a priority because research shows that engaged workers are more productive, deliver better customer service, have better attendance rates and have fewer on-the-job accidents.

The latest Postal Pulse survey results can be viewed on an enhanced dashboard, located on the Employee Engagement Blue page, that allows results to be analyzed in new, more meaningful ways.

USPS leaders, managers and supervisors are encouraged to review their survey results, share the results with their teams and work together to ensure team members feel valued, have opportunities to grow and contribute meaningfully to organization’s success.

The Employee Engagement Blue page also has tools to help managers and supervisors conduct discussions with their teams. Employees can email questions to