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Passion projects

Employees’ after-hours pursuits

Gregory Huff, a general clerk at the Edison, NJ, Vehicle Maintenance Facility, displays a pane of his new favorite stamps.

Postal Service employees are a dedicated bunch, so it’s no surprise that many carry that dedication over to personal projects after clocking out. Among those profiled in Link this year were:

William “Butch” Lyle, a Mary Esther, FL, postmaster and world-class power lifter. The former letter carrier’s 341-pound bench press broke a world record by 30 pounds.

Gregory Huff, a general clerk at the USPS Vehicle Maintenance Facility in Edison, NJ, and line dance choreographer. He began teaching at a local YMCA in 2016 but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, he moved the action online and created his own YouTube channel.

Chris DeLisa, a mail handler at the Los Angeles Processing and Distribution Center and former professional drummer. He keeps the beat going after hours in a band called Monster Soul.

Todd Griffin, a letter carrier in Attleboro, MA, and award-winning hoofer. Last year, Griffin and his partner took home the United Country Western Dance Council couples world title.

• And Jeffrey Kyer II, a Change Management manager at USPS headquarters and amateur actor. Kyer recently starred as Gomez Addams in a well-received production of “The Addams Family: A New Musical.”