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Community collage

Standout stories of service

Jim Hull, a USPS employee and volunteer emergency medical technician, helped lift spirits in his community this year — one party at a time.

In 2020, Postal Service employees didn’t just deliver the mail. They brought happiness, celebration and some good news for Mother Earth.

Roxbury, NY, Postmaster Jim Hull, a volunteer EMT, started a pandemic tradition with fire truck parades to honor birthdays, graduations and holidays.

Hull plans to continue the flashing lights and joyful noise “until everything is open,” he said.

Postponed festivities were behind Joshua Davis’s act of communal kindness, as well.

The Jackson, MI, carrier penned letters of encouragement to graduates on his route who would be missing their big day.

“I want them not to be deterred from finding some happiness in this whole thing,” he said.

To lift spirits and morale, employees at Post Offices around the nation created community artwork celebrating the commitment and dedication of their colleagues.

Meanwhile, in Vermont, Postal Support Employee Allen Clark led a socially distant project with fourth-graders to develop a cancellation mark for the town’s “date meets ZIP” day, while in Stillwater, OK, the Stokes family celebrated three generations of mail carriers.

“This is our area where we serve humanity,” said the man in the middle, John Stokes.

Finally, letter carriers in Sun City, AZ, did their part to lower the USPS carbon footprint by using bicycles to service several routes and may add more.

Dan Stawarski, who’s been biking his route for 25 years, is a big fan.

“I’m 61 years old, not on any medication and I feel good,” he said.

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