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Good causes

There are rules for raising funds

Do you know the Postal Service’s rules on fundraising in the workplace?

The Postal Service wants to remind employees about the ethics rules on fundraising while on the job.

Fundraising in the workplace is only permitted if it is conducted as part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which allows federal employees, retirees and contractors to contribute to more than 7,000 charitable organizations.

All other types of fundraising for charities at work are prohibited. For example, postal employees cannot sell cookies for a charity at work or ask colleagues to donate to their favorite animal rescue nonprofit.

Here are some rules about fundraising for CFC:

CFC regulations must be followed. Work with your CFC coordinator, who must seek advance approval from a Postal Service ethics official for CFC events.

CFC events should only raise awareness. No funds may be raised or collected.

Participation in CFC events must be voluntary. No one may put undue pressure on employees to attend CFC events or to donate to the CFC or a specific charity.

Postal employees may be able to collect gifts-in-kind from each other if they are participating in an authorized activity under the community service and activities policy (CSAP) in Section 333.7 of the Administrative Support Manual.

CSAP authorization does not permit solicitation of money, but employees may collect toys, school supplies or other such items in support of an existing outside activity — but only from other employees, not customers.

Employees can fundraise in their personal capacity only if they are off duty and doing it outside of the workplace. Employees cannot solicit their subordinates and cannot connect the fundraiser to the Postal Service.

Employees who have questions should call the ethics helpline at 202-268-6346 or send an email to