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Smishing alert

Watch out for USPS text message scams

USPS-issued mobile phones have recently been subjected to smishing attacks.

Online scams are not limited to suspicious emails or fake websites.

If you’ve received an unsolicited text message alerting you to an overdrawn account or unexpected package delivery, you’ve probably experienced smishing.

Smishing is the text message version of phishing: emails — purportedly from legitimate firms — designed to con users into providing financial or other sensitive information.

The text messages are sent from spoofed or faked phone numbers that disguise the scammer’s actual telephone number and often contain links to fraudulent websites.

Recently, USPS-issued mobile phones have been subjected to smishing attacks.

If you receive one of these messages, remember: Don’t click on links or attachments from any message originating from a phone number not in your contacts list or if you can’t verify the sender.

You should also filter messages to block texts from unknown phone numbers by following these steps:

Apple users: Go to Settings. Scroll down to “Messages” and turn on “Filter Unknown Senders.” This will create a new tab in your Messages app called “Unknown Senders.”

Android users: Go to Settings. Scroll to “Spam Message Settings” and select the “Block Unknown Senders.”

Additionally, report smishing incidents to the Cybersecurity Operations Center by calling 866-877-7247 or emailing

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue and LiteBlue pages have additional information.