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In the driver’s seat

Pilot parks DMV services in California Post Offices

Cindy Mena, a California Department of Motor Vehicles employee, demonstrates how to use one of the new kiosks.

USPS has teamed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for a pilot program that allows customers to renew their vehicle registration and access other services in select Post Offices.

The California DMV has installed special self-service kiosks in five Post Office locations: Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Paradise, Oakland and Los Angeles.

A sixth site will be determined.

“The pilot is scheduled to be six months with two additional mutual six-month extensions,” explained Kaitlyn Alves, a USPS digital business financial evaluation specialist.

The kiosks can process many DMV transactions.

For instance, customers can use the kiosks to register vehicles, submit proof of insurance, obtain their driving record and get a replacement registration card or sticker, among other services.

“In addition to generating new revenue and foot traffic, the kiosks align very well with our vision to serve as a storefront for government services. The reach of our Post Offices can bring convenience to communities that don’t have a significant DMV presence,” Alves said.

Along with a recent geospatial project in San Francisco and a fingerprint service operated with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the DMV pilot is the latest example of how the Postal Service is leveraging its network to generate new revenue, one of the objectives of the organization’s 10-year Delivering for America plan.

If successful, the California DMV pilot could expand to other cities where the vendor operates kiosk services.

Said Alves: “The kiosk vendor, Intellectual Technology Inc., already has partnerships with roughly 15 state DMVs, so there is great potential to scale and expand the services we offer to the American public.”