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Postal Pulse

More than ever, USPS wants to hear from workers

This year’s Postal Pulse employee survey will run from May 11-June 11.

USPS is conducting its latest Postal Pulse employee survey from May 11-June 11.

The annual survey allows employees to share observations about their work environments, providing the organization with feedback to make positive changes and improvements.

“Now more than ever, the Postal Service wants to hear from its employees,” said Diane Gagne, the organization’s acting engagement programs manager. “The Postal Pulse survey is a way for every employee to say what’s on his or her mind and provide candid feedback.”

Here’s what you should know about this year’s survey:

• You have three ways to complete the Postal Pulse. Beginning May 11, nonbargaining employees will receive an email from Gallup that will contain a link to a secure survey site.

Bargaining employees will receive the survey at work and at home, also beginning May 11. If you receive the survey at home, you can bring it to work and receive time to complete it on the clock.

All employees can complete the survey on LiteBlue, using personal or work computers. You’ll need your ID number and password to log in.

• The survey has 14 questions — including a new one. Gallup, an international research organization, conducts the survey, which consists of several questions that ask employees to rate their engagement levels on various topics using a scale of 1 to 5.

Last year’s Postal Pulse identified the need for more quality conversations among team members and their leaders, so this year’s survey features a new question: “My immediate supervisor has recently spent one-on-one time with me to discuss my workplace needs.”

The survey also includes a comment box that allows you to provide feedback on recent positive changes in your workplace.

• The Postal Pulse is confidential. Individual survey responses will remain confidential, although feedback submitted through the comments box will be categorized and shared with USPS leadership.

In addition to providing the organization with data to make workplace improvements, the Postal Pulse results are used for a variety of other programs, including certified engaged teams, a special form of recognition that has been given to more than 2,600 postal teams; and Engagement Most Valuable Player, a program that has recognized more than 6,000 bargaining unit employees.

If you have questions about the Postal Pulse survey or want more information, email the Employee Engagement team at