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News Quiz: How much do you remember?

Smiling woman stands outside popcorn company storefront
How much do you know about Texas business customer Debra Moore’s preferred shipping method?

“News Quiz” is a weekly feature that lets you test your knowledge of recent Link stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Which program or service does Texas popcorn company owner Debra Moore use to ship products to her customers?

a) Click-N-Ship
b) Every Door Direct Mail
c) Priority Mail
d) USPS Connect Local

2. How many videos are included in Analytics University’s new Peak Operations course?

a) 15
b) 44
c) 51
d) None of the above

3. What will Post Office retail signage showcase during this year’s holiday season?

a) Greeting cards
b) Informed Delivery
c) Shipping deadlines
d) Stamps

4. When must letters for this year’s USPS Operation Santa program be postmarked?

a) Nov. 15
b) Nov. 29
c) Dec. 10
d) Dec. 22

5. Match the planned 2022 stamp release in Column A with the series it represents in Column B.

Column A
a) Katharine Graham
b) Edmonia Lewis
c) Pete Seeger
d) Year of the Tiger

Column B
I) Black Heritage
II) Distinguished Americans
III) Lunar New Year
IV) Music Icons

Answers: 1) d. 2) a. 3) d. 4) c. 5) a. II., b. I., c. IV., d. III.

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