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Put a PIN on it

Add security to USPS travel cards

Personal identification numbers provide travel cards with an extra level of security.

The Postal Service is reminding employees who haven’t created personal identification numbers, or PINs, for their Citibank GSA SmartPay 3 travel cards to do so before traveling.

Citibank cards are embedded with small, metallic EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) microchips on the front side that allow cardholders to complete the transactions when the card is inserted into a terminal and/or a four-digit PIN is typed on the keypad.

The PIN provides the travel card with an extra level of security.

Employees who have experienced problems when attempting to complete travel card transactions using chip and PIN terminals probably haven’t set a PIN number.

To set a PIN number, call Citibank at 800-790-7206.