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Off camera

Tips to protect Zoom meetings

Zoom is a valuable, user-friendly communications option — but it does have vulnerabilities.

The Postal Service is asking employees and contractors to take precautions when using the Zoom platform to ensure sensitive information shared during video conferences doesn’t become compromised.

While Zoom has become a valuable, user-friendly communications option — particularly during the coronavirus pandemic — it does have vulnerabilities.

For instance, a flaw was recently discovered when a user locked their workstation during a Zoom call to have an offline conversation with a co-worker.

However, although the workstation was locked, the user’s camera and audio continued to record, allowing the other Zoom attendees to view and listen to the conversation.

To prevent this from happening, CyberSafe at USPS offers the following tips:

• Mute your microphone;

• Stop the video camera; and

• Press “leave meeting.”

These steps will ensure you are no longer heard or seen on a Zoom meeting.

The FBI has also reported growing incidents of Zoom bombing, where uninvited users hijacked and disrupted Zoom video conferences.

To prevent Zoom bombing:

• Always require a passcode for entry into Zoom meetings;

• Conduct roll call before the meeting starts; and

• Use the “End meeting” button when meetings conclude.

For additional cybersecurity information, check out the CyberSafe at USPS Blue and LiteBlue pages.