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Peak season checklist

Retail locations urged to plan ahead

Xuan Nguyen, a Fairfax, VA, retail associate, serves a customer last year.

The Postal Service wants its retail locations to start preparing now for the busy peak delivery season before it kicks into high gear this fall.

Retail locations should use the next few weeks to get lobby areas in order by, for instance, running diagnostics on all self-service kiosk customer display units and other equipment to ensure they are working properly and to ensure any necessary repairs or replacements are completed before peak.

Retail locations should also repair or replace blown out ceiling lights, broken PO Box locks and damaged parcel locker keys and doors.

Similarly, to ensure back office operations are functioning efficiently, retail managers and supervisors should:

• Review retail dispatch times to align with transportation;
Review the date and time on the pallet marking system;
• Verify outbound parcel separations and placards; and
• Review the daily volume arrival profile for distribution planning.

The organization will provide a monthly checklist to help postal facilities stay on track heading into peak.

 Retail Digest’s July 29 special edition has additional reminders.