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Preparing for change

HR to host online job fair, other sessions

The July 20-22 job fair will allow USPS employees to explore Human Resources career opportunities.

The Human Resources leadership team will hold a virtual job fair from July 20-22.

These will be interactive sessions where employees can ask questions about the various positions available.

The fair will allow Postal Service employees to explore career opportunities in the department as USPS realigns itself to achieve the goals of the new Delivering for America 10-year plan.

“Times of change also lead to dynamic opportunities for personal and professional growth. We’re looking forward to sharing the opportunities within our organization during this virtual job fair,” said Jenny Utterback, the Postal Service’s organization development vice president.

Simon Storey, the Postal Service’s human resources vice president, said, “The strength of functionally aligning human resources is in the talent that will serve the new human resources model as we move forward. What an exciting opportunity for each of us to be part of the future of USPS Human Resources.”

Nonbargaining employees can register for the multiple virtual job fair sessions on HERO.

As part of the administrative restructuring, USPS is also offering a series of live support sessions continuing July 19-28 on a range of topics, including interview tips, mock interviews, navigating eCareer and how to answer questions that ask about knowledge, skills and abilities.

Employees can register and find out more information about the support sessions by going to the Preparing for Change: Support Event page on HERO.