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Roll call

USPS promotes good work attendance

USPS is launching a campaign that emphasizes the importance of regular attendance.

The Postal Service is reemphasizing the importance of good work attendance in a new informational campaign.

The campaign centers on this message: While it is vitally important for employees to stay home when they are ill, it is equally important — for the organization’s success — to have employees report on time for their assigned duties when they are able to work.

Regular attendance is critical to the Postal Service’s success.

“In every community across the nation, our customers count on us — as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure — to accept, process and deliver mail and packages for them. Employees who are able to work have a responsibility to help us continue to provide the public with the level and quality of service they expect,” said Simon Storey, the organization’s human resources vice president.

The campaign will remind employees who are able to work that absences must align with the policies outlined in the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM), Handbook F-21 and elsewhere.

Under these policies, employees are required to be regular in attendance. Failure to be regular in attendance impedes the Postal Service’s ability to provide quality service to its customers.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to review attendance and leave-related policies in the ELM and relevant handbooks and manuals and become familiar with them.

Additionally, managers and supervisors are expected to conduct regular attendance reviews and to manage unscheduled absences.

Online training courses and study guides related to attendance management — including the Time and Attendance Collection System — can be found through the HERO platform and the Rural Delivery website. All training is available for immediate access.

Except for courses taken solely for self-development, nonexempt employees may only complete HERO training courses during authorized work hours.