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Right on time

Good attendance vital during pandemic

Michael Elmore, a part-time flexible carrier who works six days a week, hasn’t missed a day’s work since the coronavirus pandemic began. Elmore, who always wears a face covering while on duty, removed it for this photo.

Michael Elmore believes the coronavirus pandemic has made the Postal Service’s unofficial motto — Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds — more important than ever.

“Sometimes, customers are waiting for me,” the part-time flexible carrier said. “They might need their medications. No one wants to go to a pharmacy during the pandemic, so getting their medicines and other supplies delivered is important.”

Elmore, who works six days a week and divides his time between the Morton, MS, Post Office and two others, hasn’t missed a day’s work since the pandemic began.

“People are scared to go out of their houses because of the pandemic. I like to be able to help them stay safe,” he said.

Postal Service leaders say employees like Elmore demonstrate the importance of good attendance during challenging times. While it is vitally important for employees to stay home if they are sick, it is equally important for employees who are healthy to be regular in attendance, to report to work on time and to perform their duties.

“Our customers are counting on us to deliver for them, now more than ever,” said Chief Retail and Delivery Officer Kristin Seaver. “If you’re healthy and able to work, we want you to help us continue to provide the public with the excellent service they rely on.”

In addition to having excellent attendance, Elmore follows the Postal Service’s other guidance to stay safe on the job.

“I always use protective gear, including masks and gloves, and maintain social distancing,” he said, adding that these measures help protect his customers and family, too.

Morton Postmaster Buck Lewis praised Elmore’s dedication.

“Michael gives it his all every day and always makes sure that last package gets delivered,” Lewis said. “His attitude is exemplary; he never complains, and when you tell him something needs to get done, he sees it to the finish.”

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