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Online summer safety

Stay vigilant against cybercriminals

Go ahead and enjoy the summer — but don’t forget to protect your USPS-issued devices.

You may take a vacation this summer, but cybercriminals won’t.

This is why the Postal Service wants you to remain vigilant and adhere to cybersecurity best practices when using USPS or personal mobile devices and computers.

For instance, public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. Anyone on the network can potentially access passwords, account numbers and other personal information stored on your laptop or smartphone.

Never use public Wi-Fi for business or personal transactions, such as banking.

To further protect USPS-issued devices during summertime, follow these tips:

Be smart while on the road. Use the USPS virtual private network, or VPN, to make secure internet connections when using Wi-Fi in airports, hotels and other public places.

Lock your devices. Physically secure your USPS-issued devices when not in use by, for instance, locking them in a hotel safe or in the trunk of a personal or rental car.

Never leave devices unattended. If traveling by plane within the United States, make sure you carry your USPS-issued devices with you and never leave them unattended. Never travel with a postal device internationally unless on an approved business trip.

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue and LiteBlue pages have additional information.