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Winners of PCC Leadership Awards

More than 296 nominations were submitted for the 2021 PCC Leadership Awards, the most in the competition’s 60-year history.

Winners of the 2021 PCC Leadership Awards were honored June 2 during an interactive, virtual ceremony.

The celebration was co-hosted by Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Steve Monteith and Marketing Vice President Sheila Holman.

PCCs, or postal customer councils, educate businesses on the benefits of working with USPS. Representatives from the Postal Service and from commercial mailers team up to solve problems, discuss best practices and promote the exchange of ideas.

The Postal Service presents the PCC Leadership Awards each year in recognition of exemplary efforts in the nationwide council network. More than 296 nominations were submitted for the 2021 awards, the most in the competition’s 60-year history.

Among the recipients were:

• PCC of the Year: Greater Baltimore PCC (metro), PCC of Providence (large) and Central Missouri PCC (small).

• District Manager of the Year: Scott Hooper, Texas 1 District, Greater Dallas PCC.

• PCC Postal Member of the Year: Jonathan Castillo, California 3 District business service network representative, Sierra Coastal PCC (gold); Oklahoma City Postmaster Mike Allison, Greater Oklahoma PCC (silver); and St. Petersburg, FL, Postmaster Jacquelyn Villemaire, Tampa Bay Suncoast PCC (bronze).

• PCC Industry Member of the Year: Stan Fredrick, Central Missouri PCC (gold); Margaret Leger, Houston PCC (silver) and Wes Friesen, Greater Portland PCC (bronze).

• PCC Innovation of the Year: Sierra Coastal PCC (gold), South Jersey PCC (silver) and Houston PCC (bronze).

• Communication Program Excellence: Sacramento PCC (gold), Santa Ana District PCC (silver) and Central Arkansas PCC (bronze).

• Education Program Excellence: Greater Baltimore PCC (gold), Greater Portland PCC (silver) and Greater Charlotte PCC (bronze).

• Membership Excellence Award: Inland Empire PCC (gold), Twin Cities PCC (silver) and Chicago PCC (bronze).

• Up-and-Comer Award: San Diego PCC.

The PostalPro website has more information on the PCCs.