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PFSC updates

New enhancements added to service

Premium Forwarding Service Commercial allows customers to temporarily forward mail in bulk on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The Postal Service has updated the Premium Forwarding Service Commercial (PFSC) application to better serve business customers.

Customers can now create hundreds of PFSC requests at once by using the application’s “Multiple Requests” option.

The option features a template that customers can use to upload up to 500 PFSC requests from a csv — or comma-separated values — file.

The update also added filters to the “My Requests” and “My Events” tabs that make it easier for customers to quickly search for specific requests and events.

PFSC allows commercial customers to use Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail to temporarily forward mail in bulk on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to a new domestic business address.

Banks, advertising agencies, direct marketing companies and other businesses with multiple locations are increasingly using PFSC because the service makes it easier to receive mail at a single address.

To use PFSC, customers must establish a USPS Business Customer Gateway account.

Post Offices are encouraged to stock up on shipping supplies to better serve PFSC customers.