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New resources

Special Services Blue page updated

The Product Management Special Services 2020 Blue page features a Premium Forwarding Service-Commercial dashboard and other tools.

The Postal Service has new resources to help employees learn about Premium Forwarding Service-Commercial (PFSC) and other special services products.

The Product Management Special Services Blue page features several updates, including a PFSC dashboard.

PFSC allows businesses to use Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail to forward mail in bulk on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to a new domestic business address.

The dashboard allows employees to review PFSC service performance by area and district, down to individual tracking numbers.

A PFSC users’ guide, do’s and don’ts for properly processing PFSC mail and a comparison chart have also been added.

Similarly, the Special Services Blue page features a tool kit for Qualified Business Reply Mail and Intelligent Mail Barcode Accounting. The kit includes verification process information, an onboarding overview and an intake form.

The page also has stand-up talks, FAQs, user Guides, key messaging and standard operating procedures for mail acceptance, processing and delivery.

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