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Spring cleaning

Post Offices begin Retail Refresh campaign

The Retail Refresh campaign aims to ensure Post Offices are clean and appealing, inside and out.

Retail Refresh, a campaign to encourage a uniform appearance and approach to enforcing the USPS brand at Post Offices nationwide, kicked off May 1.

“We want to achieve clear, clean, safe and organized retail spaces that contain only what is needed, when it is needed,” said Peggy Havanas, a USPS retail management analyst.

For example, every Post Office is expected to display an American flag with no tears and rips and to maintain landscaping with no excessive debris on the ground and trash cans that are clean and in good condition.

Each office’s outer lobby should uniformly be well-lit and have entrance doors that are clear of smudges, clean entryway mats and rugs, trash cans that are not overloaded, polished PO Boxes and correct signage displayed.

USPS recently sent a Retail Refresh checklist to every office, along with a reminder that PS Form 4000-A, Retail Lobby Observation, must be completed and maintained monthly.

“The goal is to review the checklist and do items on the list every day to try get in the habit of noticing certain things that impact the brand, like wearing your name tag. These things are important,” Havanas said.

Retail Refresh is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to better serve customers and enhance the USPS brand, two tenets of the new Delivering for America 10-year plan.

The organization plans to begin another Retail Refresh campaign in October, before the holiday season gears up. Future campaigns could be quarterly.

Said Havanas: “We want every customer to have a good experience when they visit a Post Office — the kind of experience they’ll want to have again.”