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Postal Pulse results reported

The most recent Postal Pulse employee survey was conducted from Aug. 4-Sept. 4.

The latest Postal Pulse employee survey results show one-quarter of participants feel engaged, a slight decline from last year but an 8-point increase from the first survey in 2015.

Engagement refers to how committed employees are to their organization, their role, their manager and their co-workers. The Postal Service has made engagement a priority because research shows that engaged workers deliver better customer service and have better attendance rates and fewer on-the-job accidents.

The latest survey was conducted in August and September. More than 197,000 employees participated, down from 226,800 employees who completed the previous survey in May 2019.

Gallup, an international research organization, conducts the survey, which consists of several questions that ask employees to rate their engagement levels on various topics using a scale of 1 to 5. On this year’s survey, the Postal Service’s grand mean score on these questions was 3.29, down from 3.36 last year but up from 3.16 on the first survey in 2015.

The latest survey also included a question to determine how many employees are meeting one-on-one with their immediate supervisors to discuss their workplace needs. According to the results, 23 percent of respondents strongly agreed with the statement that they recently had one of these meetings with their supervisor.

“This year’s Postal Pulse employee survey results show that progress isn’t always a straight line,” said Kelvin Williams, the Postal Service’s employee engagement executive director. “Although we experienced a slight decline in the percentage of employees who feel engaged overall, the fact that we mostly held steady during a very challenging time demonstrates the durability of the progress we’ve made since 2015.”

Managers and supervisors received their teams’ survey results this week and are now required to share the information with their teams.

The Employee Engagement Blue page has tools to help managers and supervisors conduct discussions with their teams. Employees can email questions to

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