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Don’t take USPS devices on vacations abroad

Never bring your USPS-issued devices with you on international vacations; use your own devices instead.

The Postal Service wants employees and contractors to remember they should not take USPS-issued mobile devices with them on international vacations or other non-work-related excursions abroad.

Personnel who use these devices must protect them against damage, unauthorized access and theft, according to the Postal Service’s AS-805 Information Security policy handbook.

Unless an individual receives authorization, they must not travel with USPS laptops, smartphones, tablets and removable storage-media devices to destinations outside the United States.

Aside from theft concerns, criminals could gain access to postal mobile devices or laptops when connected to unsecured Wi-Fi, leaving the USPS technology network and data vulnerable to online attacks.

Domestic travel with postal devices is permitted, so long as employees and contractors adhere to USPS security guidelines.

Postal workers are also reminded that they are prohibited from loading USPS documents and other information onto personal devices or connecting personal computers or mobile devices to the organization’s network.

If postal-issued devices are lost, missing or stolen, alert your manager immediately, email the CyberSecurity Operations Center and call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455.