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People power

Employee focus helps keep area’s workplaces safe

Mike Sturgeon, a Sioux City, IA, letter carrier and driving instructor, leads a recent training course.

When it comes to keeping workplaces safe, WestPac Area believes no one does it better than employees.

“When you involve the people doing the work, it is a powerful force,” said Eduardo Ruiz, the area’s acting vice president.

WestPac, also known as Western Pacific, was created last year. It includes the former Western Area — the only area honored with a Safety Leadership and Vision Award in 2020.

The award recognizes safe workplaces based on key criteria, such as reducing accident rates and improving performance compared with the same period one year earlier.

Through training, stand-up talks and engagement, WestPac regularly emphasizes how each employee plays a key role in keeping workplaces safe and accident-free.

“If you truly want to understand a problem, you have to ask those doing the work,” Ruiz said.

As a result, the area’s postal facilities foster environments where employees view safety both as an ongoing individual responsibility, as well as a team effort with a clear objective: zero unsafe acts and zero unsafe conditions.

“We’re changing the culture and keeping people motivated and excited about safety,” Ruiz said.