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Cybersecurity tips for working remotely

If you’re working from home during the pandemic, remember to keep your USPS-issued devices and documents secure.

The Postal Service is reminding employees who are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic to always keep the organization’s electronics and sensitive information secure.

In addition to maintaining a clean, organized and dedicated workspace, you should adhere to these three guidelines:

• Secure. If you don’t have a laptop cable lock, secure your USPS-issued laptop in a closed file cabinet or a location out of plain sight. Never leave postal devices unattended in vehicles.

• Lock. Don’t allow children, friends or family to use any USPS-issued device. On computers, press the “Windows” and “L” keys simultaneously to lock the screen.

• Store. Keep all sensitive documents in a private, secure location. If sensitive documents are no longer needed, promptly shred and dispose of them properly.

If postal-issued devices or hard-copy files containing sensitive, sensitive-enhanced or critical information are lost, missing or stolen, alert your manager immediately, email the CyberSecurity Operations Center and call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455.