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‘Our next chapter’

PMG talks service standards, plan for future

In his latest video message for USPS employees, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy discusses the organization’s efforts to meet its service standards.

The Postal Service has experienced challenges for several years — issues that have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic — but the organization is working to turn the page.

“The time to start our next chapter — and move on from a time of losing money, not meeting service expectations and losing market share — is now,” DeJoy says.

He reports USPS is embarking on a “self-help plan” that will address the organization’s weaknesses and capitalize on its strengths, including the commitment of its employees.

“With this new precision we will grow our pieces per delivery and improve our bottom line — and more importantly, our relationship with the American public,” he says.

The Postmaster General also thanks employees for their ongoing hard work and dedication during challenging times.

“Your commitment has been evident during the pandemic, the election and our peak season. I know the American people are grateful for your service and sacrifices,” he says.

The video, released Feb. 9, is available on Link and other postal websites and will be shown to employees throughout the organization this week.