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Access control

Managers must maintain network security

USPS employees and contractors should be granted the minimum network access needed to complete their work.

The Postal Service wants managers and supervisors to help protect the USPS network by adhering to user access management procedures.

Protecting the network includes using eAccess to approve, deny, suspend or terminate employees’ and contractors’ access to postal applications and programs.

Additionally, managers, supervisors and functional system coordinators should follow the principle of least privileges by limiting employee and contractor network access to the minimum needed to do their work.

When evaluating and approving access privileges in eAccess, follow these guidelines:

• Periodically review access rights for employees (semiannually or when job roles change) and contractors (quarterly). If you don’t recognize the reason for the access, ask the employee or contractor.

• Revoke access immediately for personnel when no longer required because of a change in job, transfer, retirement or termination.

• When employees are serving on detail assignments, their access should be changed or revoked for systems not needed for their temporary positions.

Managers should also remember to check for pending actions by selecting the “Manager” tab in eAccess.