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Internet access deadline

ACE users must act by March 19

USPS now approves ACE computer users’ internet access based on a multilevel structure.

The Postal Service wants all ACE computer users to remember that the deadline for internet access approval is Friday, March 19.

To help protect the organization from cyberthreats, internet access is now approved in eAccess based on a multilevel structure for all USPS-issued desktops, laptops and tablets, as well as smartphones (when the phones connect to the postal network).

The multilevel structure encompasses seven levels:

• Level 0 — Basic: Blue, LiteBlue and approved USPS applications;

• Level 1 — Standard: general internet access;

• Level 2 — Standard Plus: video streaming on websites and YouTube;

• Level 3 — Social Media: social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram;

• Level 4 — Enhanced: technical research sites such as GitHub;

• Level 5 — Super: restricted sites; and

Level 6 — Ultra: all internet access except ransomware and spyware websites.

ACE users should confer with a manager to determine which access level aligns with their job duties.

Users who require Standard (Level 1) access or higher must submit an eAccess request to receive approval.

Managers should not approve higher levels of access unless justification is provided on the user’s eAccess form. The form will then be reviewed by a functional system coordinator, who will approve or deny the request.

If the request is not received on or before March 19, the user’s internet access will automatically revert to Basic (Level 0) until approval for a higher level is granted. Users can still submit a request after the deadline, but they will remain at Basic (Level 0) until approved, potentially affecting their ability to access websites necessary to fulfill their job duties.

The Postal Inspection Service is taking a distinct approach to modifying its internet access. Inspection Service employees who are ACE users will receive separate communications from the agency with details and specific action steps.

The Internet Alignment Initiative Blue page has more information. ACE users who have questions or comments should email the CISO Internet Access team.