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USPS computer systems

Updates coming this month

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Effective Jan. 16, almost all USPS computer systems will be updated to reflect recent organizational modifications.

The Postal Service is updating several internal computer systems to align with the organization’s structural modifications that were initiated last August.

These modifications included:

• The creation of four retail and delivery areas (Atlantic, Central, Southern and Western Pacific) and the realignment of the existing 67 districts;

• The creation of two processing operations and logistics regions (Eastern and Western) and 12 divisions; and

• The creation of logistics facilities reporting to the 12 divisions and co-located with mail processing facilities.

Effective Jan. 16, nearly all postal computer systems will be updated, including operational, logistical, scanning, facility, address management, finance and human resources systems.

Some systems might initiate updates before Jan. 16, and these updates could extend through Jan. 22.

The updates could disrupt system access.

Also, some users whose roles are based on area or district assignments may need to resubmit system access requests through eAccess.

In preparation for these updates, you should do the following:

• All users should verify their managers in eAccess and make corrections, if needed.

• Managers should be on the lookout for emails from eAccess so they can review and approve appropriate requests in a timely manner.

• Managers who will be out during the week of Jan.16 should assign a delegate to ensure timely processing of user access reviews and requests.

Additionally, all employees using hand-held scanning devices — including TC77 scanners, Intelligent Mail Devices, Mobile Delivery Devices and all other Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi enabled scanners — will need to reboot the devices and place them on their cradles to receive the system updates after Jan. 16.

Employees who lose system access or notice restricted access on or around Jan. 16 should go to the IT self-help page to see a list of issues and resolutions.

To minimize Help Desk call volume, only contact IT if the issue isn’t listed on the self-help page.