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Postal Service celebrates Clerks Care Week

Dallas Retail Associate Rosina Gonzales has used the Clerks Care program to help generate more than $327,000 in estimated annualized revenue for USPS.

A Texas retail associate’s sales leads have brought in more than $327,000 in new estimated annualized revenue for the Postal Service.

Rosina Gonzales, who works at the Dallas Main Post Office, submitted her leads through the Clerks Care program, which allows retail associates, call center agents and machine and distribution clerks to pass on sales leads to USPS.

In Gonzales’ case, her multiple leads were passed on to Anthony Sanchez, a Dallas District business development specialist, and James Allen, a field sales representative.

Sanchez and Allen were able to close deals worth a combined $327,537 in estimated annualized revenue.

The Postal Service is spotlighting the efforts of retail associates during Clerks Care Week, which is March 6-12.

Clerks Care has brought in more than $1 billion since it began in 2013. It’s the Postal Service’s top lead- and revenue-generating program for fiscal year 2021 (Oct. 1, 2020-Sept. 30, 2021), with more than $200 million in revenue generated so far.

“As an organization, we are taking this week to celebrate our retail associates and clerks,” said Mary Anderson, small-business engagement director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “The leads they submit are important to helping their customers and for the success of the Postal Service.”

Sales generated from Clerks Care leads count toward the Power of One campaign to raise revenue through sales leads from USPS employees.

As of the end of February, the campaign has brought in $565 million, up 27 percent over the same period last year.

The Postal Service is encouraging as many employees as possible to submit at least one lead through any of its six lead programs by Sept. 30. The Small Business Sales team is tracking program participation rates through its weekly “Drive to 35” downloadable report.

The Small Business and Lead Generation Programs Blue page has more information about Clerks Care and the other employee lead programs: Customer Connect, Business Connect, Mail Handlers, Rural Reach and Submit a Lead.

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