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Special recognition

USPS honors workforce engagement

USPS seal sits among postal shipping boxes
The Postal Service has mailed seals to teams that have received certified engaged status.

The Postal Service has announced 518 certified engaged teams, a special status extended to groups that create positive workplaces.

The recognition is based on responses to the Postal Pulse survey, which consists of questions that reflect 12 elements of engagement and ask employees to assess their workplace engagement levels on a scale of 1 to 5.

To receive certified engaged status, teams must have at least a 75 percent survey response rate and a “grand mean” of 4.41 or higher. The grand mean refers to the average of the survey questions.

In addition to being considered best in class within the Postal Service, these teams also rank among the top teams measured by Gallup, the international research organization that conducts the Postal Pulse.

One USPS team is batting a thousand: Oklahoma District Manager Julie Gosdin’s direct reports have been certified for five years in a row.

But “it isn’t about reaching the certification goal,” Gosdin said. “Team members and conditions are continually changing, which requires an ongoing effort to maintain a culture of engagement.”

She finds the survey is a useful framework for advancing that cause and sees a connection between survey results and positive business outcomes.

“Engaged teams achieve better service, safe work environments and high productivity levels,” she said.

The Employee Engagement Blue page has a list of all 2020 certified engaged teams, as well as an overview of the 12 elements of engagement and other information.