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Avoid the Zoom audio option that costs extra

Zoom is the Postal Service’s primary videoconferencing platform.

The Postal Service wants employees to avoid choosing the audio option in Zoom that costs additional money.

If you select the “Call Me” feature before connecting to a meeting and then choose the “United States of America” option, the Postal Service incurs a charge.

The following Zoom audio connection choices do not cost the Postal Service extra money and should be used instead:

• Using your computer’s audio. Select the “Join with Computer Audio” blue button when prompted before connecting to the meeting.

• Using your phone to call in. The phone number options for the meeting are displayed under the “Phone Call” tab before you are connected to the meeting.

• Using the “Internal number” option on the “Call Me” feature. Before entering the meeting, select the “Call Me” tab, choose the “Internal number” option and then enter your phone number.

The Zoom Blue page has more information about the platform.

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