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Good medicine

News Quiz: How much do you remember?

How much do you know about the Postal Service’s new Received at Opening Unit dashboard?

“News Quiz” is a weekly feature that lets you test your knowledge of recent Link stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

True or false: The Postal Service’s new Received at Opening Unit dashboard helps the organization serve pharmaceutical companies that rely on the U.S. Mail to send medication.

a) True
b) False

2. Which USPS lead-sharing program was celebrated Jan. 24?

a) Clerks Care
b) Customer Connect
c) Mail Handlers
d) Rural Reach

3. Fill in the blank: Through Feb. 14, customers at select Post Offices can save (blank) when purchasing two Hallmark greeting cards.

a) 50 cents
b) $1
c) $2
d) $3

4. Who is the subject of this year’s Literary Arts stamp?

a) Yogi Berra
b) Ursula K. Le Guin
c) Emilio Sanchez
d) August Wilson

5. Match the USPS retail and delivery area in Column A with the number of districts it contains in Column B.

Column A
a) Atlantic
b) Central
c) Southern
d) Western Pacific

Column B
I) 13
II) 17
III) 18
IV) 19

Answers: 1) a. 2) d. 3) b. 4) b. 5) a. IV., b. I., c. III., d. II.

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