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Federal forms

How to obtain W-2, 1095-C statements

USPS employees can go online to view their W-2 statement. The organization will also mail the forms to employees.

Postal Service employees can now go to PostalEASE to view their federal Form W-2 for calendar year 2020.

The organization will also mail each employee their Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, along with their federal Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage.

If you need extra copies, you have two options:

• Go to PostalEASE, which you can access from Blue, LiteBlue and self-service kiosks at many Postal Service facilities. You’ll need your employee identification number and password to log in. Once you have access, follow the prompts to obtain duplicate W-2 or 1095-C forms.

• Call the USPS employee self-service line at 877-477-3273 and request the duplicate forms.

These options are available only to current employees. Separated employees must submit their requests in writing to the following address: Financial Reporting Section — Finance Branch, Accounting Services, 2825 Lone Oak Pkwy, Eagan MN 55121-9617.

For more information, a Year End Tax Documents poster is available on Blue.