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Paychecks reminder

Employees urged to use direct deposit

USPS employees who currently receive hard copy paychecks can switch to direct deposit, ensuring their wages are electronically deposited directly into their bank accounts each payday.

If you don’t use direct deposit to receive your Postal Service paycheck, the organization wants you to sign up as soon as possible to avoid potential network disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

While no disruptions are expected, taking advantage of the direct deposit option is a wise precautionary measure. Employees who already have direct deposit aren’t required to make changes.

If you currently receive hard copy paychecks, switching to direct deposit will ensure your wages are electronically deposited directly into your personal checking or savings account each payday.

By signing up before Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 4 p.m. Eastern time, you can establish direct deposit and ensure your next paycheck is electronically deposited into your account.

Enrollments submitted after this deadline will continue to be processed but the direct deposit will occur in a later pay cycle.

Paychecks will enter the mailstream beginning Tuesday, Dec. 22, for the Thursday, Dec. 24, payday. (The payday occurs one day earlier than usual because Christmas falls on a Friday.)

To sign up for direct deposit, follow these instructions:

• Go to and log in if prompted to do so.

• Select PostalEASE under “Employee Quick Apps – Quick Links.”

• In PostalEASE, enter your employee identification number and password. (If you don’t remember your password or need one assigned, select the “forgot password” option and you’ll be transferred to a verification page to obtain a new password.)

• Under the “Payroll” heading, select “Allotments / Payroll Net to Bank” and complete the worksheet.

If you have problems using PostalEASE or have questions, call the Human Resources Shared Service Center at 877-477-3273 and select Option 5, then request “benefits” when prompted. The TTY number is 866-260-7507.