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First comes Love

USPS kicks off year with lively new stamp

This year’s Love stamp features the word “love” and three large hearts shown in a palette of bold colors.

The Postal Service will release its first stamp of 2021 — the latest entry in the popular Love series — Thursday, Jan. 14.

This year’s design is a group of graphic hearts and simple shapes in bold colors arrayed playfully around the word “love” on a dark blue background.

Bailey Sullivan created the art and designed the stamp, while Greg Breeding served as art director.

The Forever stamp will be dedicated in Loveland, CO, complete with special postmark, but the ceremony will take place on the Postal Service’s Facebook and Twitter pages due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Love series began in 1973 with Robert Indiana’s famous pop-art “love” with the tilted “o,” a design he originally created for a Museum of Modern Art holiday card. The series picked up again in 1982, and the releases came with regularity after that.

Since 2004, USPS has released a Love stamp annually.

This year’s stamp will be available at Post Offices and

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