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Hello, 2021

USPS announces upcoming stamps

The Postal Service has announced plans for 19 stamp releases next year.

The Postal Service has announced some of next year’s planned stamp releases.

Here’s what’s coming:

  • Year of the Ox, the second release in the new Lunar New Year series
  • Love, which will feature three large hearts shown in an unconventional palette of color duos
  • Chien-Shiung Wu, honoring one of the most influential nuclear physicists of the 20th century
  • Garden Beauty, a booklet of 20 stamps that will feature 10 designs celebrating America’s love of flowers and gardens
  • Mystery Message, a stamp that features bright colors and interesting shapes in a design that spells out a mystery message
  • Colorado Hairstreak, the eighth nonmachinable butterfly stamp for use on irregularly sized envelopes
  • Barns, four postcard stamps that celebrate the beauty and history of American barns
  • Backyard Games, a pane of 16 stamps featuring eight designs of games that people play outdoors for fun, such as croquet and horseshoes
  • Day of the Dead, the first American stamps honoring the Mexican holiday, which is increasingly popular in the United States
  • Brush Rabbit, which will be available in panes of 20 or coils of 100
  • Heritage Breeds, showcasing preindustrial farm animals that are enjoying renewed attention, such as the Narragansett turkey and the American Cream draft horse
  • Raven Story, a stamp that depicts a figure of great significance to the Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast
  • Go for Broke: Japanese American Soldiers of WWII, a stamp honoring the contributions of 33,000 soldiers who served in the U.S. Army during World War II
  • Western Wear, a booklet of 20 stamps featuring four graphic illustrations of staples like cowboy hats and belt buckles
  • Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses, five stamps that will continue a long-running series celebrating American lighthouses
  • Missouri Statehood, honoring the 24th state, which entered the Union on Aug. 10, 1821
  • Message Monsters, a pane of 20 stamps that offer dozens of self-adhesive accessories that customers can use to personalize cards, letters and envelopes
  • Espresso Drinks, four designs in a pane of 20
  • Happy Birthday, conveying exuberant greetings by calling to mind the childhood excitement of a birthday party

“A handwritten letter shows the recipient how much you care. The stamp you choose to adorn your envelope adds an extra important touch,” said William Gicker, the USPS Stamp Services director. “The new 2021 stamps are designed to look beautiful on your envelopes, to be educational and to appeal to collectors and pen pals around the world. As always, the program offers a variety of subjects celebrating American culture and history, and this year, we made a special effort to include a little fun.”

USPS announced the stamps Nov. 12. The designs are preliminary and subject to change.

The Postal Service plans to announce additional 2021 stamps later.

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