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Gift of time

CFC allows you to pledge volunteer hours, too

Money tight this month? Consider volunteering for CFC member charities instead of giving financially.

If you want to contribute to the Combined Federal Campaign but your budget is tight after the holidays, don’t worry. There are other ways to give.

The campaign, also known as the CFC, allows federal employees, retirees and contractors to contribute to more than 6,000 charitable organizations.

Many CFC member charities allow people to pledge volunteer hours instead of financial contributions. During the coronavirus pandemic, contact-free volunteer opportunities are available.

The deadline to pledge — whether it’s financial, volunteer hours or both — is Jan. 15.

You can make pledges using the online CFC Donor Pledging System or by downloading a paper form. Once you’ve filled out your form, submit it to a CFC keyworker in your workplace or mail it to: CFC Processing Center, PO Box 7820, Madison, WI 53707-7820.

The CFC Blue page has more information about the campaign and ways to contribute.