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Positive light

Employees give ‘Dear Santa’ rave reviews

The “Dear Santa” website explains how to watch the film at home through video-on-demand.

Postal Service employees are giving two thumbs up for “Dear Santa,” a new documentary about the USPS Operation Santa program.

The film, released in select theaters and through video-on-demand on Dec. 4, simultaneously showcases the spirit of giving and postal pride.

“‘Dear Santa’ will make you feel good, which is what we need right now,” said Stephen Kochersperger, a senior research analyst at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, who watched the film at home. “The film was upbeat and shows the Postal Service and the Operation Santa program in a very positive light.”

“Dear Santa,” which was filmed last year, focuses on the annual program that allows Postal Service employees, customers and organizations to “adopt” letters to Santa Claus and fulfill holiday wish lists from children and others who are less fortunate.

The movie follows several families as they write their letters to Santa, and the USPS employees who deliver the gifts to their homes.

“It was interesting to see what is done in other cities and states,” said Greater Indiana District Retail Manager Steffani Pieart, who attended a special screening at a drive-in theater, where she also got to chat with the film’s director, Dana Nachman.

“I immediately went home and wrote about it on my Facebook page and encouraged all my friends to make sure they check it out,” Pieart said.

Employees can find out how to watch “Dear Santa” on the film’s website. One tip for viewers: Have some tissues handy — and be prepared to chuckle.

As one little girl in the film declares, “Only the Post Office knows where Santa lives.”

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