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USPS Operation Santa letters now available

Postal Service employees and customers can go to the USPS Operation Santa website to “adopt” letters from people in need.

Ready to make some holiday magic?

Beginning Dec. 4, you can go to the USPS Operation Santa website to read letters from children and others who are less fortunate this holiday season. You can then pick one or more letter to “adopt” and follow the directions on how to make the writer’s wishes come true.

For security reasons, you must complete a brief registration and ID verification process before adopting a letter.

The annual program began accepting letters from those in need last month. The deadline to adopt letters is Dec. 19.

USPS Operation Santa traces its roots to 1912, when Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock authorized postal workers and customers to respond to letters that Post Offices received for Santa Claus.

The program, which is credited with helping millions of children and families through the years, will be expanded nationwide for the first time in 2020.

The Postal Service has also released a video on social media and USPS websites that explains how to participate in the program.

Additionally, “Dear Santa,” a documentary about the program, was released in select theaters and through video-on-demand on Dec. 4.

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