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Motor Vehicle Safety Month

USPS promotes safe winter driving

While safe driving is important year-round, it is particularly critical during the busy holiday season.

USPS Motor Vehicle Safety Month, a time to raise employee awareness about the importance of safe driving — especially during the busy holiday season — is now underway.

While safe driving is important year-round, it is particularly critical in December when the organization historically experiences increases in vehicle accidents as employees, including new temporary hires, navigate inclement weather and wintery roads to make deliveries.

In 2020, postal employees experienced more than 26,000 motor vehicle accidents.

Many accidents are caused by distraction or haste, when inexperienced employees drive unfamiliar vehicles in unfamiliar territory, or when experienced employees fail to follow established safe driving procedures.

Almost two-thirds of USPS motor vehicle accident fatalities last year were due to employees not wearing seatbelts.

The Postal Service is distributing stand-up talks throughout December on defensive driving, wearing seatbelts, distractions and winter driving.

Motor Vehicle Safety Month is part of the Postal Service’s continuing effort to promote a safety culture that reduces vehicle accidents through training, renewed emphasis on basic safety practices and good driving behavior.

Postal Bulletin’s Dec. 3 edition has more information.