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Balancing benefits

Video offers open season overview

In a new video, Chief Human Resources Officer Isaac Cronkhite provides Postal Service employees with an overview of open season.

The annual benefits enrollment period, which runs from Nov. 9-Dec. 14 this year, allows employees to review and make changes to their health coverage.

“Please carefully look at all of the coverages and options to ensure you and your family have selected the best plan to fit your needs,” Cronkhite says.

Approximately 42,000 USPS employees compared health plans and made changes to their benefits during last year’s open season, saving an average of $78 per pay period, Cronkhite reports.

He also notes that employees can once again use Checkbook’s Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees to compare copays, deductibles, prescription drug costs and whether dental and vision benefits are included in specific plans.

The video, Balance Your Benefits,” is available on Link and the Open Season LiteBlue page.