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Election education

USPS launches voter information campaign

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The Postal Service has started a public information campaign as part of its ongoing effort to educate voters on the organization’s role in the mail-in ballot process and provide them with easily accessible guidance on how to successfully use the U.S. Mail to cast a vote.

Every residential mailing address and PO Box will receive an informational mailer that includes a checklist for effectively requesting and casting a mail-in ballot. The mailer also directs voters to the Postal Service’s new Election Mail website.

For domestic voters, the website provides direct links to federal election resources, as well as links to state-specific resources that outline processes, policies and deadlines for that state. For overseas and military voters, the site provides additional information, including links to resources supporting their election participation.

For constituents who wish to vote by mail in this year’s election, USPS is providing this checklist of tips to help voters request, receive and cast a mail-in ballot:

• Start today. Give yourself and your election officials ample time to complete the process.

• Rules and dates vary by state, so contact your election board to confirm details.

• Request your mail-in ballot (often called an “absentee” ballot) at least 15 days before Election Day.

• Once received, follow the instructions. Add postage to the return envelope if needed.

• Mail in your ballot at least seven days before Election Day.

These recommendations are designed to offer general, common-sense guidance to voters throughout the nation, while recognizing that each state has its own specific rules, deadlines and requirements.

The informational mailer is one part of a multi-channel advertising campaign by the Postal Service designed to inform the public of the importance of planning ahead if they plan to vote by mail.

The campaign also includes direct mail; television, radio and print advertisements; retail signage in Post Office lobbies; and social media.

Additional information and resources can be found on the USPS Election Mail website.

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