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Do’s and don’ts

How to properly process PFSC mail

Priority Mail package
Post Offices can use Priority Mail boxes and other materials to assist Premium Forwarding Service Commercial customers.

The Postal Service is reminding employees about specific procedures for processing Premium Forwarding Service Commercial (PFSC) mail.

PFSC is a useful option for businesses that have changed locations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The service allows businesses to temporarily forward mail in bulk on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to a new domestic business address via Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail.

Because the mail is sent in bulk, it’s important to determine the shipping packages and containers needed based on the customer’s mail volume.

There are also do’s and don’ts for providing this service:

  • Do place a reminder or a block in the business customer’s address slot. This prevents mail carriers from incorrectly casing the customer’s mail.
  • Don’t preprint PFSC labels. The customer receives an email notification — including a delivery date — and is automatically charged each time a PFSC label is printed.
  • Do identify each a PFSC tub or container by the customer’s name.
  • Don’t wait to ship mail. Ship mail based on the frequency determined by the customer.

The Products and Services Blue page has additional guidance for employees.