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Next levels

Survey used for multiple programs

Postal Pulse employee survey data helps shape other programs to foster engagement in USPS workplaces.

Although USPS relies on the Postal Pulse to help make workplace improvements, the survey isn’t the organization’s only tool.

What else is available?

Here’s what you should know:

• The Postal Pulse survey results help determine Certified Engaged Teams. This special form of recognition is given to groups that create positive workplace environments.

To achieve certification, teams must meet select criteria, including having at least 75 percent of their employees participate in the Postal Pulse survey.

Additionally, USPS wants the leadership of each qualifying team to incorporate the 12 principles of engagement — including strong communication and timely recognition — into their daily activities.

• The Postal Service also offers “next-level connections.” Like the survey, these conversations are designed to help managers and supervisors measure employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and commitment to their work.

The conversations also allow employees to share observations about their workplace environments.

•  Other recognition programs are available, too. These include Engagement Most Valuable Player, awards that recognize bargaining unit employees who foster engagement within their teams, and Engagement Leader of the Year, which honor leaders who foster engagement in their workplaces.

This is the fifth of five articles on the Postal Pulse employee survey, which is being administered from Aug. 4-Sept. 4.