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Getting results

Survey’s findings help shape workplaces

Gallup transforms Postal Pulse survey response data into guidance that USPS managers can use to promote positive and productive team interactions.

USPS wants all managers to share the results of each Postal Pulse survey with the employees who report to them.

Why is this important?

Here’s what you should know:

• Every manager has access to the survey results. If five or more team members from any work group responds to the survey, a team report will be available.

If fewer than five team members respond, then their team responses are included in the next level up in the organizational reporting structure.

For example, if four employees on a 10-person team submit completed surveys, the team’s results are included in the department’s overall results, as well as the facility, district and area results.

• Managers can use the results to guide their engagement efforts. By design, the Postal Pulse’s 12 questions offer a starting point to determine if employees’ needs are being met.

Gallup, the organization that administers the survey on the Postal Service’s behalf, transforms survey response data into usable patterns of strengths and opportunities that managers can use to promote positive and productive team interactions.

• The results show USPS is improving. Last year’s survey results showed 26 percent of respondents feel engaged, up from 17 percent during the first survey in 2015.

This is the fourth of five articles on the Postal Pulse employee survey, which is being administered from Aug. 4-Sept. 4. Tomorrow: How USPS uses the survey for other programs.