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What’s new, SPLU?

Survey seeks feedback on popular app

USPS is seeking feedback on the SPLU Tool, an application that makes it easier for employees to locate parcels.

The Single Package Lookup Tool revolutionized the way Postal Service employees locate parcels, and now feedback is being sought to make the experience even better.

USPS is conducting a survey to better understand employees’ experiences using the application, also known as the SPLU Tool. The goal is to determine what users like, what could be improved and what would be useful down the road.

Employees who use the tool will receive an email at their USPS address that contains a link to the online survey, which takes about five minutes to complete. The email will come from

The SPLU Tool integrates multiple tracking systems into one user-friendly interface, providing users with the package information, imagery and insights they need, when they need them.

More than 52,000 users throughout the Postal Service have used the application since its introduction during summer 2018.

The tool has proven particularly helpful to Business Service Network and Post Office employees, helping them resolve customers’ issues faster and boosting customer satisfaction.

The data gathered from the new survey will be used to ensure the SPLU Tool continues to help USPS employees serve their customers quickly and accurately.

“Our team works tirelessly to meet evolving user needs, but we can’t do it alone,” said Jude Mossman, the SPLU program manager. “If you currently have access to the SPLU Tool, we ask that you please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us and will help make the SPLU Tool the best that it can be.”

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