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New package tracking system saves time

Single Package Look-Up
Single Package Look-Up, a new tool from USPS, simplifies the parcel location process.

Need to quickly determine the whereabouts of a customer’s package?

There’s an app for that.

The Postal Service has introduced Single Package Look-Up (SPLU), a tool that simplifies the parcel location process by combining multiple tracking systems into one application.

“Package look-up can be a [time-consuming] and inefficient process,” said SPLU Program Manager Jude Mossman. “And as package volume continues to increase, so will package inquiries.”

The SPLU tool integrates six different tracking systems and pulls data from half a dozen more. Rather than logging into many different apps to try and find a parcel, an employee need only access SPLU to have all the information on the same screen.

This allows employees to provide customers with a quicker and more accurate picture of their package location, relayed to them in real time.

SPLU is part of the organization’s efforts to innovate and deliver better customer experiences, two core business strategies.

Research shows the tool, which was introduced last fall, reduces the average time it takes to resolve a package inquiry by approximately 18 minutes.

“Scanning and awareness of packages are important to our customers,” said Mossman. “The creation of this tool, in an effort to expedite their inquiries, demonstrates that the Postal Service values the customer’s business.”

Business Customer Support and Service Manager Tom Hughes said the SPLU tool has “changed the game” for package inquiries.

“We were able to integrate up to 12 systems, bring them into one view for the representative, and visually tell the story of what may or may not have happened to a package,” he said.

The tool was developed for the USPS Business Service Network (BSN), but Mossman and Hughes knew the application would be useful to delivery units, retail associates and anyone who performs single package look-up for customers.

Employees outside of the BSN can request tracking only access to the SPLU tool through eAccess on Blue.

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