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Postal pride

In letter, DeJoy praises employees

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

In his first letter to USPS employees, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy expresses his pride in their service to the American people and his eagerness to work with them to secure the organization’s future.

“I commit to working with you to create a long-term, viable operating model for the Postal Service that will ensure the organization can fulfill its public service mission in a financially sustainable manner,” DeJoy writes. “America wants and deserves a financially strong Postal Service that can invest in the future and adapt to the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we will put the Postal Service on a successful trajectory for generations to come.”

DeJoy, who in June became the nation’s 75th Postmaster General, also discusses employees’ “amazing response” to the coronavirus pandemic, which he says “demonstrates the indispensable role of our organization in the life of the nation and helped us earn a deeper level of trust and support from the public.”

The Postmaster General also discusses his career, including more than 35 years growing and managing a nationwide logistics company.

“We were successful as a business by delivering value to those we served and by continually earning the loyalty of our customers. These are also fundamental attributes of the Postal Service,” he writes.

USPS mailed the letter to employees’ homes last week.

DeJoy previously addressed employees in an all-employee video message that was distributed throughout the organization during his first week.

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