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Banner days

Los Angeles workers show love for peers

From left, Los Angeles District Manager Robert Reynosa, Los Angeles Processing and Distribution Center Sr. Plant Manager Daniel Hirai and Los Angeles Postmaster Joe Zapata sign one of the banners.

Employees at the Los Angeles Processing and Distribution Center recently sent some love to their counterparts at other Postal Service facilities.

The employees shipped banners to processing plants in New York City, Chicago and Detroit. Each banner was printed with a special message — such as “LA is Blowing a Gust of Care Your Way” — and signed with messages of encouragement from the Los Angeles employees.

The goal is to show appreciation for processing plant employees, who are providing an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We truly have undercover heroes working behind the scenes to keep mail moving,” said Daniel Hirai, the Los Angeles facility’s senior plant manager, who spearheaded the effort. “We aren’t successful processing mail without the clerks, mail handlers and maintenance staff that keep the machines maintained and running, or moving mail without our transportation personnel.”

Employees at the plants that received the banners said they appreciated them.

“We were thrilled to receive the banner from our friends at the Los Angeles P&DC,” said John Colao, Chicago District’s senior plant manager. “It’s ginormous! We are looking for a place to hang it so all our employees can see it every day. My thanks to everyone in Los Angeles. Our employees thank them as well.”

In addition to the Los Angeles workers, the banners were signed by Los Angeles District Manager Robert Reynosa and Los Angeles Postmaster Joe Zapata.

Said Hirai: “Our thoughts and best wishes go out to these employees. They are the backbone of this organization. We understand the challenges they face and stand with them in their mission to keep America’s mail moving.”